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Road and Bridge

Who we are

The Bonner County Public Works - Road and Bridge Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of 699 miles of County roads. There are 249 miles of hard surface and 450 miles of gravel roads. In addition this department was assigned the responsibility of addressing the entire county for the establishment of the 911 system. We operate on a $5.5 million budget which includes expenses on salaries and benefits, road materials, (rock, fabric, asphalt, chipseal, bridge materials, culverts, cement, road stabilization products, etc.) equipment and equipment repairs, equipment rentals, outside contractors for special projects and engineering.

Where we are

The Road & Bridge Department consists of three shops, District 1 -Sagle, Blanchard, South to the Kootenai boundary and north to Tweedie Road; District 2 -Priest River/Priest Lake, east to Wrenco Loop and south to Hoo Doo Loop; and District 3 - North of Sandpoint, including Hope and Clark Fork, north to Boundary County and west to Carr Creek Road.

What we are

Each district has a Foreman, Assistant Foreman and nine heavy equiment operators. The operators are responsible for most of the maintenance of their equipment but has a designated mechanic.

During the winter months most of the work load is general maintenance, snow plowing and sanding. Some road reconstruction is accomplished - weather permitting.

Winter is also a good time of the year to make repairs to equipment.

The summer months are the busiest season for the crews. Major road reconstruction begins as soon as the load limits are lifted. In addition to the reconstruction projects regular grading and maintenance also takes place. Part of each district's crew are also used for the cement treated base projects. Each year we try to complete approximately 15 to 18 miles of road treated with cement covered with either chip seal or asphalt. This process makes it possible to restore roads that were hard surfaced but too badly deteriorated to patch or overlay. The process is also used on gravel roads to prepare for hard surfacing.

The administrative side of the Road and Bridge Department is located at 1500 Highway 2, Suite 101, Sandpoint. and consists of a Public Works Director, a shared Staff Engineer (also Solid Waste) and one senior secretary. The office is responsible for all personnel matters, record keeping on all expenses, where the dollars are spent, on what road, project or equipment, and arranging for all bids on any item over $25,000 or quotes on any item over $5,000. We have a tremendous amount of telephone exposure plus traffic in the office for permits, variances, right of way information, addresses and general information. We try to keep the public informed of what is going on so they can arrange for delays, detours or any other road problems.

Our goals

The Road and Bridge Department is committed to serving the residents and visitors of the County to the best of their ability and resources. From the office personnel to the crew members in the field, our goal is to make the roads of Bonner County safe and acceptable for all who travel upon them.



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