Bonner County

Bonner County Property Rights Council

The mission of the Bonner County Property Rights Council ("PRC") is to review County government regulations and activities and inter-governmental activities which negatively impact property rights and determine whether such activites and regulations are necessary.

The review process includes the following steps:

  • It is initiated by you (the public) submitting a property rights proposal to the County Commissioner's Office. 
  • The County Commissioners will agendize your proposal to be considered at a regular business meeting.
  • The County Commissioners will decide whether to forward your proposal to the PRC.
  • The PRC conducts public meetings, workshops, and hearings to ensure it understands the regulatory framework of your proposal. The PRC also draws on free-market tools, and contacts experts (as needed) to support your property rights proposals, and to ultimately transmit your proposal to the County Commission for its consideration and follow-up action.

The PRC, unlike many governmental advisory councils, focuses exclusively on searching for private solutions to problems.  The PRC does not presuppose that the government is the best entity to resolve problems.


Questions of legal interpretation or application are not appropriate for the PRC unless such questions directly relate to amending laws which enable the government to impair property rights.  Pure legal interpretation or application questions should be submitted to private legal counsel. 

Occassionally the County Commissioners act in what is called a "quasi-judicial capacity".  When acting in this capacity the Commissioners must act as judges. For example the Commissioners are often called upon to approve or deny an application for a land-use development permit or other permits.  Because these types of issues are quasi-judicial in nature the Commissioners are prohibited by State and Federal due process laws from reconsidering or amending the laws at issue while in the same forum acting to apply those laws in a judicial capacity. The PRC may review the necessity of said laws concurrently with such quasi-judicial proceedings only to the extent such review does not interfere with the quasi-judicial proceedings and is otherwise allowed by law as determined by the County attorney.


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