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Planning Department

The Bonner County Planning Department is committed to protecting property rights and enhancing property values through conscientious land-use planning. For more than 35 years, the Bonner County Planning Department has provided resources and assistance for land-use planning and development throughout unincorporated Bonner County (properties not within cities). The department assists the public under the general direction of the Board of County Commissioners.


  • Reviews building location permits for all new buildings and manufactured/modular home placements.
  • Provides flood plain and floodway determinations.
  • Processes applications for subdivisions, lot line adjustments, conditional use permits, zone changes, variances and road and plat vacations.
  • Assists the Planning Commission in updating the Bonner County Comprehensive Plan.
  • Provides information on zoning and comprehensive plan classifications, and current land-use standards.
  • Is a resource center for data on the County population, natural resources mapping, stormwater management standards, and Idaho Code as it relates to land-use standards.

The Planning Department is the repository for:

  • The Bonner County Official Zoning Map (zoning district boundaries).
  • All Bonner County Comprehensive Plan maps (resources, hazards and land use classifications).
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service provisional wetlands maps (jurisdictional wetlands).
  • USGS quad maps (topography).
  • FEMA flood insurance rate maps (flood plains and floodways).
  • Census data.
  • Books of plats (subdivisions).
  • Assessor parcel maps (tax parcels).
  • Road maps (classifications and locations).
  • Bonner County soil surveys (soil types).
  • Stormwater best management practices manuals (design specifications).
  • Records of current and previous land-use applications and minutes of planning-related hearings for the past 35 years.
  • Fire district boundaries.
  • City limits maps and Areas of City Impact boundaries for Bonner County's cities.
  • Various public service maps (sewer districts, water districts, etc.).

The Planning Department is also one of the repositories for Bonner County's Revised Code (the complete copy of Bonner County's codified ordinances). Copies of Title 12 of Bonner County's Revised Code (the zoning and land use standards), the comprehensive plan, stormwater "best management practices" manuals, zoning maps, and hearing minutes are available for review and may be purchased at the department.

Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of County Commissioners

The Planning Department staff provides assistance to a seven-member, volunteer appointed Planning and Zoning Commission (referred to as the Commission), and a three-member elected Board of County Commissioners (referred to as the Board). The Commission is comprised of county residents appointed by the Board and represents the three Board voting districts. Commission members serve a minimum three-year appointment, and include residents from Priest Lake, Kootenai area, West Sandpoint, Sandpoint, Dover area, Hope, and Sagle.

The Commission generally meets the first Thursday evening of each month to conduct public hearings on land-use projects and the third Thursday evening of each month to conduct public workshops on ordinance amendments or comprehensive planning efforts.

The Board generally convenes each Wednesday afternoon to conduct public hearings on land-use projects. Notices of public hearings are published in the Bonner County Daily Bee at least 20 days prior to each public hearing. Current agendas can be viewed on the "Agendas" page (see menu at top of this page).


The Planning Department is located in Sandpoint on the second floor of the Bonner County Administration Building, 1500 Highway 2, Suite 208, Sandpoint. 



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