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The Bonner County Board of Commissioners is responsible for providing administrative services to Bonner County. The purpose of this department is to identify and clarify the needs of the people, and ensure the County responds to those needs. The Board executes all legislative power authorized.  These powers include, but are not limited to, adopting and enacting the budget, appropriation of expenditures and setting policy. Other powers include establishing fees and comprehensive use plans, and conducting public hearings and meetings.

Cary Kelly, Chairman

I feel honored and privileged to serve as a Bonner County Commissioner. My wife, Mona, and I discovered this beautiful area over 20 years ago while looking for a place to relocate after completing a career in the U.S. Marine Corps. That career started as an Infantry Lieutenant in Vietnam and ended 28 years later as an Aviator Colonel after the first Iraq War. The year after arriving here, I was hired by the Bonner County Sheriff's Office as a Marine Deputy where I worked for the next 18 years. I served as the Marine Division Supervisor for the last 11 years before resigning to run for political office in 2012. My wife and I have two children who eventually followed us to Bonner County bringing with them our five grandchildren. We all have enjoyed the wonderful recreational opportunities of Bonner County and the small town, friendly atmosphere of Sandpoint. Additionally, our grandchildren benefited from the excellent public schools here.

Some of my goals as Commissioner are to protect our quality of life while providing reasonable growth. In addition, I will work toward providing the best possible services to the residents of the county at a reasonable cost. Lastly, I will strive to limit government encroachment in our lives.

Again, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve all of you. We are blessed to live in this wonderful place, and I want the future to be even better for our children and grandchildren.





            Mike Nielsen, Vice-Chairman

keiNielsen, Vice Chai

Mike has been a resident of beautiful Bonner County for fifteen years since retiring as a law enforcement commander.  During his twenty- seven year career, he spent fourteen years working in municipal planning and budgeting.  He is also a former USAF officer and Vietnam War Veteran. 

His background includes a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Criminology with an emphasis in Police Administration.  In addition, he is a graduate of the FBI's National Academy Executive Leadership and Management School.

Long before considering public office, Mike has been active in local community affairs and volunteer work.  He founded the Priest Lake Search and Rescue Team and has been the team leader for over ten years.  During the past eight years he has been a volunteer fire fighter and served for two years as Fire Chief of the Coolin- Cavanaugh Bay Fire Protection District.

Mike is married to his best friend, Annina, who is a CPA and an avid gardener.  After living twenty-one winters in Alaska, they moved here for "warmer weather" and to build their own home.  They have two sons who are both in the military (USCG, USMC) and have six grandchildren.

Glen Bailey, Commissioner

I first had the pleasure of experiencing the most beautiful place in Idaho in 1992.  I decided right then and there that Bonner County would be where I retired when I ended my military service.  My lovely wife Cheryl was born and raised here - she knew (prayed) that I would choose Cocolalla over Alaska!

Yes, I've come to love the horse raising, fence mending, hoof trimming, firewood cutting, haying and gardening that have greatly reduced my time for hunting, fishing, and hiking...that I once lived for.

I want my grandkids and grown children to have the same opportunities that I have enjoyed.  I believe that getting a good education, developing your talents, building strong friendships and following your dreams are the basis of a happy life.

I believe that government should only provide the critical functions that individuals or private organizations cannot.  The most effective and responsive government is local - and should not intrude into every aspect of our lives.

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve the good people of Bonner County!












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Property Tax Exemption Information

For questions regarding property tax exemptions in Bonner County, please contact the Commissioners' Office at (208) 265-1438.  The deadline for filing tax exemptions is June 23, 2014.  Please include by-laws, articles of incorporation, financial statements and any other documents that support your request for exemption.  ORGANIZATIONS MUST APPLY EACH YEAR FOR AN EXEMPTION. Just because you have been previously exempt, it does NOT carry over to the next year.  NOTE: No late tax exemption applications/forms will be accepted.

You may download or print an Application and Worksheet and return them with supporting documents to the Board of Bonner County Commissioners at 1500 Hwy 2, Ste. 308, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864.  Please note it is your responsibility to apply EACH year.  A complete copy of Idaho Code, Title 63, Chapter 6 may be available at your local library, or you can view the code online on the State of Idaho webpage.










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